About UPK

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

May Yahawah {the Lord} in the name of Yahawashi Mashayach {Jesus Christ} be with you and hear your prayers. We are servants of our king Yahawashi {Jesus Christ} sent out into the world to teach the truth. What is the Truth? The truth is that everything we have learned about the Bible, History, and Religions is a lie. In fact all religions such as {Islam, Buddhism, and so-called Christianity,} are false and are devises used by the other nations to separate God’s people from him. READ Kings 17:15 and Ezra 9:14. The people of Negro, and Indian decent, scattered throughout North, South, Central America and the West Indian Islands are the Lost Tribes of Israel. Matthew 10:5-6.

Contrary to popular belief, Jesus Christ did not die for the whole earth, but in fact only died for the Lost Twelve Tribes of Israel, those of Indian and Negro decent. Matthew 15:24, Isaiah 45:17. Jesus Christ himself is a black man from the tribe of Judah. The Black man in America is a descendant of the biblical and ethnic Jew that the Bible speaks of Rev. 1:13-15, Jer. 14:2. The Hispanic and North American Indian people are in fact their blood brothers and sisters! These facts can be proven in the Holy Bible which is the basis for everything we teach I Thess. 5:21.

We know that these statements contradict the entire belief system taught to our people and seem very hard to understand. Isaiah 29:10. Remember Yahawashi Mashayach {Jesus Christ} said “seek and ye shall find” Matthew 7:7.  We invite you to our free classes to examine the evidence for yourself. We truly hope that the grace of Yahawashi Mashayach {Jesus Christ} moves you to join us and come to class in the future after reviewing our cd’s and copies of our TV show. Read James 5:13-15.  Thank you for taking time to reading this letter.









13 Responses to About UPK

  1. Brandi Shinnie says:

    Shalom brother i am grateful too meet u i am blessed to say The Most High has been telling me to join The I.S.U.P.K School and become A Daughter Of Zion please send me a email of your number
    Most high in Christ .

  2. Erik Trueheart says:

    Shalam,need the alphabet list,And what nation of people are who in the bible,and how do you pronounce gabar shal yaha wadah(warrior of judea

  3. Shalom brothers of the ISUPK. I would like to know if yall have a location in Central Texas. I know yall got the truth and I want to join yall whole heartedly. Thank you and Shalom.

  4. deon green says:

    can the brothers from different cities come and live on campus for the ones who want to join the family? i want to come and join the camp if i can because time is short and im the only one in my area who seems to be waking and i want to be surrounding around like mind brothers. please let me know asap. thank you

  5. I was asked to leave the isupk in 1994 for lying; ( Proverbs 22:10 ) I was given the opportunity to come correct ; and didn’t (psalm 101:7) for 21 years I hated that decision ; and continuously prayed for mercy. Life has been a living hell; at present; I am homeless with a deep desire to return to the isupk. Help please.

  6. Man goings are of the LORD; how can a man then understand his way. I lost my way.I pray that the MOST HIGH; the POWER of SPIRITS; In the name of YAHAWASHI; to be on the receiving end of the prize of the HIGH. Calling of the MOSTHIGH. I WAS withwtloWITH THE iSUPK when it was

  7. Ricky Cedeno says:

    Thank the Most High for gathering his children of Israel in the Truth.I thank the Most High for revealing the Truth to me and and ISUPK.My belief is that all the True Israelite camps and Children come together under one as God commands.Shalam Brother s

  8. Jamey Thomas says:

    So can a white person or mixed join your religion?

  9. Iyar ban yashshakar says:

    Shalam yahawah bahassham yahawashi barak ahthah.
    Its iyar ban yashshakar I was wondering if I can get the prayers in Hebrew sent to my email yongferia@yahoo.com sir.

  10. Iyar ban yashshakar says:

    Shalam yahawah bahassham yahawashi barak ahthah.
    Its iyar ban yashshakar I was wondering if I can get the prayers in Hebrew sent to my email sir.

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