ISUPK HEBREW ISRAELIITES NEVER TRUST THE WHITE MAN – ISUPK Indianapolis IN (Native Indians, GAD, Seminole Indians, Reservations, treaty, Trail of Broken Treaties, The U.S.- Dakota War of 1862, Chickasaw Peace Treaty, Treaty with The Creeks, Treaty of Greenville, Treaty with the Potawatami 1828 – 1832) THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL MAN IN AMERICA COMMANDING GENERAL YAHANNA LIVE!!! THE GRILL!!! EVERY MONDAY NIGHT@9PM CLICK on “RADIO SHOW” SKYPE: 215-586-4851 TO LISTEN OR ASK A QUESTION: 718-506-1384 I.S.U.P.K – 1 WEST Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge HOME OF THE TRUTH 773-812-7281 ISRAEL WILL BE ONE AGAIN, UNDER THE ONLY MAN WHO WAS GIVEN THE RANK TO DO SO, COMMANDING GENERAL YAHANNA. ALL CAMPS ARE ORDERED TO COME TOGETHER. SHALAM
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