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  1. Amazing how much shit you can spit, between yourself and the so called Israelite. You must be reading a darker Bible version , cause my God promotes love and doesn’t spread discrimination. You should attempt to go back to school as most of these words you split don’t sound cool. You trying to rap in the street because you didn’t make it, you sound angry cause Dre & Slim aced it.

    The crack pipe you were fed when you were young – definitely had some long term effects I think you need another Blunt. Your best option from my point of view – go home and flip open another 40oz brew.

    Trust you will find this straight to your heart – go and get a bible of love from your favourite store WALLMART

    You false prophet dung, follow-up on the following you scum- isa 29:22 – jer 30:6 – joe 2:6 – job 16:16 – matthews 5:36 – sol 5:10 – isa 1:18 – danie 12:10 – joel 1:7 – Jesus Matthew 17:1-2 – john 20:10 – GO READ SOME MORE about your claimes, for the word is fixed you should feel ashame

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